250 Stainless Steel Presslock Cable Clips, Pins and Gas Cells

250 Stainless Steel Presslock Cable Clips, Pins and Gas Cells


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Bulldog Steel-E Presslock Cable-Clips are for securing all electrical cables to steel or concrete surfaces quickly and efficiently and conform to BS 7671:2001 AS2015 Installation of wiring systems, regulations that demand the use of metallic fixings. The Presslock Clip is manufactured from 1mm Galvanised steel and is reinforced to securely hold cables in place.

The patented clip attaches effortlessly to the magnetic nose of the Bulldog GSN40 Gas Nailer. Pull the trigger and the Clip is instantly fixed to concrete or steel. No need for drilling or screwing. The cable can then be held in place by simply opening and closing the locking arms.

Clips come packaged in a water proof plastic tub containing;

  • 250 x Clips
  • 250 x 20mm Hardened Steel / Concrete Pins
  • 1 Gas Cell

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