perfect for drying any tree species: from hardwood to soft and coniferous species.


The ICD Wood Dryer is a convection drying chamber and can be used for drying wood from any tree species: from hardwood (oak, maple, beech, ash, birch) to soft and coniferous species (linden, pine, spruce, fir, cedar, larch).

The ICD wood dryer is powered by a thermal fluid: hot water, superheated water, diathermic oil or steam.

The thermal fluid is heated using heat exchangers with bimetallic finned tubes and the air exchange is conducted using motorized dampers to increase efficiency. Due to the energy demands for heating, this model is recommended for customers with a central heating plant available.

If you require the wood dryer to work at higher temperatures (up to 110°C) we can make a few technical adjustments and alterations to fit your specifications.


  • Heating with heat exchangers
  • Chamber with suitable thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Adjustable ventilation with frequency converter
  • MC sensors with wires or wireless


Model Useful Width (mm) Useful Depth (mm) Useful Height (mm) Capacity m3
ICD J10 2000 6300 2700 10
ICD J20 3650 6300 2700 20
ICD 20 4680 3720 3800 20
ICD 30 5880 4920 3800 30
ICD 40 6480 5520 3800 40
ICD 50 6480 6720 3800 50
ICD 60 8280 7320 3800 60
ICD 80 8880 8520 3800 80
ICD 100 10680 8520 3800 100
ICD 120 12480 8520 3800 120
ICD 150 13080 9720 3800 150

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