Rotor TM2

Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine for two or four-way pallet production


The Rotor TM2 is comprised of a double rotating bench on which products can be nailed and positioned. On one side the product is loaded onto the template by one or two operators and on the other side the product is nailed by the nailing bridge which slides along fixed guides for accuracy and speed.

The product is then unloaded by a robot to increase the speed of production and product switch over.

The template can be set up for production of two or four-way pallet manufacturing. The template slides on two rails with ball-bearings that allow for easy and fast adjustments.


  • Manufacture two and four-way pallets

  • Manufacture perimeter pallets

  • Manufacture cases and crates

  • Available in two models TM2 and TM2 Maxi

  • Managed by numerical controls

  • Double productivity compared to manual nailing

  • Quick change over speeds

  • Customisable based on your specifications

  • Templates pneumatically operated for safer production



Dimensions (mm)

Nailing area (mm)
Rotor TM2

2300 x 1800

2300 x 1500

Rotor TM2 Maxi

3300 x 1800

3300 x 1500

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