wood drying kiln with a chamber  heated via gas or diesel


The TAG wood dryer is a variant of conventional dryers. Drying is carried out using the same principles – the replacement of internal humid air with external air. 

However, the chamber is heated via gas or diesel chambers. For a kiln with a diesel supply, an external burner burns the fuel in a combustion chamber which is connected to the kiln via stainless steel tubes that act as heat exchangers. 

For a kiln with a methane gas or LPG supply, air vein burners are used to take the heat directly to the chambers, without expelling flue gases. This system increases energy saving thanks to the modular nature of the power supply.

The chamber’s unique shape results in the recovery of all heat produced and flue gases are released at a low temperature.

No direct contact exists between the combustion chamber and the cell. They are, therefore, the TAG systems enjoys a high level of safety and low consumption.


  • Heating produced by burner
  • Faster increase in chamber temperature
  • Easy to maintain
  • MC sensors with wires or wireless


Model Useful Width (mm) Useful Depth (mm) Useful Height (mm) Capacity m3
TAG 30 5880 5520 3800 30
TAG 50 7680 5520 3800 50
TAG 80 8880 8520 3800 80
TAG 100 10680 8520 3800 100

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