Multi-Board Screws

Multi-Board Screws

✔️ PSD® Recess giving Stick-Fit® for Solid, Stable Driving with no Wobble and One-handed Installation

✔️  Class Leading Strength

✔️  Bugle head for a neat, flush finish

✔️  Sharp Point for Rapid Insertion into All Man Made Boards

✔️  Excellent holding power

✔️  High Quality Steel

✔️  Ideal for Kitchen/ Bedroom/Bathroom Fitters

The Ulti-Mate® Multi-Board screw is the perfect product for securing man-made timber boards. This screw excels in fixing all man-made timber products such as MDF, plywood, chipboard and OSB. This is an ideal product for kitchen/bedroom/bathroom fitters.

A high quality Stick-Fit® driver bit is included in every single box of Ulti-Mate® Multi-Board Screws. Once the screw is engaged to the driver bit the patented PSD recess gives a Stick-Fit® connection that enables one-handed installation. This one-handed installation system is a true game changer when inserting screws into awkward spaces, such as fitting kitchen cabinets, cupboards or flooring.

The sharp point and aggressive high/low thread of the Ulti-Mate® Multi-Board Screws give fast insertion and supremely strong holding power. Once inserted the bugle head gives a neat and professional finish

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