Hot Melt Glue and Adhesives

perfect for packaging, shipping, binding and constuction


Industrial Hot Melt Glues are commonly used in furniture and woodworking, building and construction, packaging and carton sealing, deep freeze-packaging, label application, foot wear, leather, book binding and transport of goods. Hot Melt Glue is an incredibly versatile and effective adhesive that many industries can benefit from.

Hot Melt Glue contains no solvents and water and dries by loss of heat making it fast setting. In industrial use, hot melt glues or adhesives provide several advantages over solvent-based adhesives or other fasteners. Industrial hot glue can dry strong and quickly, reducing the time delay before the product is ready. Hot melt also cures quickly. Industrial hot melt has a long shelf-life, and after use, it can be disposed of without any special precautions.

Hot Melt Glue also has the advantage of reducing or eliminating the involvement of volatile organic compounds. Often making it a much more efficient and eco-friendly solution to other forms of packaging or bonding.

Hot melt glues or adhesives are applied to a material in the liquid (or molten) state, in the time between drying a second material is put in contact with the hot melt glue in order to bind the two materials together.

Once the second material is brought in contact with the Hot Melt Glue it cools rapidly causing it to solidify and bind the two materials. Hot Melt Glue can be used to bind two non-porous material together.


We offer a variety of Hot Melt Glue and Adhesive Solutions to meet all your needs. We offer both the glue and the glue guns

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