Pallet leg nailing machine


The Skytt nailer is a pallet leg nailing machine with stores for blocks and boards nailer managed by a PLC for production of four way pallets. The PLC manages nail positioning and nail numbers on the short side of the table.

Magazines fixed on sliding bars through ball bearings and millimetric bars allow for a very quick and precise format change over to change between product.

The Skytt nailer can nail approximately 15 ft per minute thanks to a single operator. Resulting in tripled production when compared to manual nailing.


  • Models can be supplied with optional stacker

  • Available in two models 1500 and 2500

  • Format change over in just a few minutes

  • Triple production compared to manual nailing



Table min (mm)

Table max (mm)

Dimensions (mm) Nailing area (mm)

SKYTT 1500

60 x 600 x 15

145 x 1500 x 20

50 x 50 x 35

145 x 145 x 100

SKYTT 2500

60 x 600 x 15

145 x 2500 x 20

50 x 50 x 35

145 x 145 x 100

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