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Automated construction of pallets, boxes and crates

short time format change and high productivity


Timber Fastening Products offer high-quality Automated Pallet Nailing Machines in partnership with RIMAC for all your stapling and nailing needs. RIMAC are manufacturers of nailing machines for the construction of pallets, boxes and crates in all shapes and sizes.

RIMAC’s range primarily consists of the Skytt nailer for production of four way pallets, the Punto TM5 for production of pallets and timber packaging, the Rotor TM2 for production of pallets with robots, the Portale TM6 for production of large wooden pallets and packaging and various Tables for pallets. 

Automated Pallet Nailing solutions offer shorter time for format change just a few minutes – and increased productivity. At least twice the productivity compared to traditional hand nailers!



RIMAC Automated Pallet Nailing Machines and Stacking Systems are the perfect solutions for pallets, boxes, crates, shelving, cable drums and potato boxes. If you have any specific requirements please discuss them with us and we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

RIMAC pallet nailing machines are designed to increase productivity and reduce production time.

Rotor TM2

Nailing robot

Punto TM5

CNC nailing machine


Pallet leg machine

Portale TM6

Larget pallets and packaging


Manual pallet nailing tables

To discuss your automated nailing needs give us a call or drop us an email so we can recommend the best solution for you.

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