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CAP3D software distribution strategy has been modified to allow the usage of the same licence on different PCs!
You need only to insert the original USB Key in your drive to access CAP3D from any PC of your choice!
With this solution you don't have to buy additional license to use the software on the administration PC or on your laptop.

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CAP3D - Pallet design Software
Cap3D v.3 can design any pallet style (double-deck, winged, CP, special pallet) with free board positioning and special elements. Other new, incredibles features are:
  • New customizable documents for printing;
  • New branding system and brand library;
  • Optimization data exchange with customers. Player to view CaP3D projects;
  • New timber library/database;
  • Translator: report terminology can be customized;
  • Free note field;
Cap3D v.3 is now a standard for pallet producers worldwide, features include:
  • It is extremely user-friendly: you can make changes whenever you want, and you can see on the screen exactly what you do.
  • Make it all easier and faster: just few clicks and you get the printed specification of both drawings and data, on a single page or singularly.
  • Improves communication - share results - you can associate the code to the pallet, to the customer and  insert  notes within the created document to better communicate with the operational staff;
  • Creates a comprehensive quotation and a production list - You can print the dimensioned orthogonal views on a single page or singularly, both colored or black and white / print the dimensioned views of nailing  / get different specification sheets in a chosen language;
  • Incorporates pallet standards;
  • Professional presentation - CAP3D specifications raise the profile of pallet producers;
  • Exports images to be sent by e-mail to the customer;
  • Is Web site compatible - CAP3D technology can easily run on the web if you need an application to dial with your client directly from the web;
  • Reduces costs. The calculation of volumes and assembly elements gives the possibility to estimate precise costs. By choosing the right materials and the best design for the pallet, Cast a Pallet 3D produces the best pallet for your specific needs without expensive and wasteful over-engineering.
We are always available to supply no-obligation quotations for any of your Fastening or Automated requirements. Please contact us on 01782 332488 for more information.

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